We Know Wheat: Engrain Launches New Website

Engrain is pleased to introduce its new company website. The revamped site, located at engrain.us, not only has an updated look but delivers easy access to information that will benefit Engrain customers worldwide.

The new website offers a complete portfolio of all Engrain’s products, including its featured products volMAX, hydroMAX and fortiMAX as well as its performance, nutrition and appearance products for milling, bakery and pasta applications.

The website also includes a client log-in section, video and links to Engrain’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

“At Engrain, we want to bring the latest advances in enzyme technology to our customers to help them save money and increase their profits,” said Vaughn Studer, chief executive officer of Engrain. “To many of our customers, our value comes from the way we do business. We want to be the company that people want to work with and the ability to interact through our website and social media enables us to strengthen and enhance our relationships.”

Established in 2008, Engrain provides innovative products to the baking and milling industries all over the world that improve bread volume, optimize pasta texture and enrich baked goods. Engrain’s headquarters are located in Manhattan, Kansas.