Engrain Website Translated to Spanish to Benefit Customers

Engrain is pleased to announce that its company website is now available in Spanish. The site, located at www.engrain.us, was updated last year to benefit Engrain customers world-wide by delivering easier access to information and services.

“Translating the website allows more convenience and understanding for our Spanish-speaking clients, especially those in Latin America,” said Vaughn Studer, chief executive officer of Engrain. “Ultimately, offering our information in a second language improves communication and enables Engrain to better provide the best possible service to all of our valued customers, regardless of their geographical location.”

Engrain provides innovative products to improve bread volume, optimize pasta texture and enrich baked goods. The Engrain team is made up of experts with more than 50 years of industry and milling experience who work side-by-side with customers to develop customized solutions to meet their specific goals.