Taylor McFall Promoted to Sales Manager of Global Accounts in Nairobi, Kenya

Taylor-McFallEngrain, a local enzyme technology development company, has promoted its Logistics Specialist, Taylor McFall to Sales Manager of Global Accounts. With the promotion, McFall will be traveling from Manhattan, Kansas to Nairobi, Kenya’s capitol city. There, McFall will be responsible for logistics development, distribution, and inventory, and will also be working to solidify Engrain’s presence throughout the region.

Engrain believes that having an Engrain Manager on the ground will make it easier to serve local clients face to face. Engrain’s clientele consists of flour mills and large-scale bakeries, therefore McFall will be responsible for making sure the company’s local product warehouse, located in Mombasa, Kenya, is always fully stocked to meet the growing demands of local millers and bakers.

Magnus Baumann, President of Engrain Eastern Holdings, shares, “As Engrain continues to stock growing numbers of enzyme and fortification products in Mombasa, McFall will ensure that our logistics in Kenya, East Africa, and the surrounding areas are responsive to our customers’ specific requirements.”

This increase in demand has been ignited by governments in many African nations, which have mandated vitamin fortification in flour. Engrain seeks to eliminate this concern for millers by providing vitamin fortification products that are affordable, efficient, and available within close proximity to their milling locations. “Our fortification products and enzyme solutions meet the needs of this region,” McFall says.

According to McFall, “Receiving products that exemplify the latest technology and no longer having to wait for fortified products to be shipped internationally will be huge benefits for millers.” McFall hopes to enhance Engrain’s customer engagement and serve as a resource for millers throughout East Africa.

McFall continues, “I’m excited to be able to gain this international experience, and share what I’ve learned with staff based at our headquarters in Manhattan, Kansas.”

Prior to joining Engrain, McFall worked at Allen, Gibbs, and Houlik, conducting audits for companies, and also previously worked for the USDA Grain Marketing and Product Research Center as part of the Engineering Research Unit. McFall received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Kansas State University.

Engrain, located in Manhattan, Kan., offers the latest advances in enzyme technology to their customers to help them save money and increase their profits. Their business philosophy is based on a sincere value system, in which building long-term relationships and partnering with customers is highest priority. Engrain works with baking teams to understand their raw materials, milling operations and day-to-day challenges. Engrain’s expertise in wheat, including its baking properties, milling characteristics, and how it is traded around the world gives customers a competitive edge.