Engrain Launches New Product Series to Extend Shelf Life of Packaged Breads

To aid bakers in extending the shelf life of packaged breads and other bread-based products, Engrain has developed new product lines, available for purchase through Research Products in the U.S. When it comes to the shelf life of bread, there are many factors which influence a consumer’s perception of the freshness of packaged sandwich bread. Two of the most critical factors which determine the freshness are softness of the bread and whether or not the bread has remained free of mold growth.

Large commercial bakeries in North America formulate their packaged breads with ingredients that address these two important consumer issues. Mold growth is controlled or prevented very easily with preservatives, but it is sometimes more challenging to keep bread soft and prevent the perception of staling over time.

Engrain’s new product lines are specialized blends of enzymes to reduce the staling effect in packaged breads. These blends transform how the bread ages, keeping it soft in the store and in the consumer’s home long after traditional products have begun to stale. Bakers are reporting that their packaged breads feel fresh for up to two weeks or more because of this new enzyme technology.

In markets where packaged bread is sold, this technology will help the baker add value to their breads, ultimately providing their customers with increased satisfaction with longer lasting, fresh bread at home. Prolonging the freshness of bread means more happy customers.

The Engrain lines offer specialized blends of enzymes to reduce the staling effect of packaged breads. Bakers and food manufacturers alike are choosing this new enzyme technology. For customers in the U.S. and Canada, Engrain’s new product lines can be purchased through Research Products (www.researchprod.com) of Salina, Kan. The product lines are also available globally through Engrain, the technology developer.

Engrain, located in Manhattan, Kan., offers the latest advances in enzyme technology to their customers to help them save money and increase their profits. Their business philosophy is based on a sincere value system, in which building long-term relationships and partnering with customers is highest priority. Engrain works with baking teams to understand their raw materials, milling operations and day-to-day challenges. Engrain’s expertise in wheat, including its baking properties, milling characteristics, and how it is traded gives customers a competitive edge.