Engrain Hires Dr. Chris Miller, Senior Director of Research, Innovation and Quality, to Open Product Laboratory

Engrain_Photo_Chris MillerEngrain, a grain technology developer, has announced the hire of Dr. Chris Miller, Senior Director of Research, Innovation and Quality. Miller brings over ten years of experience in both research and the milling and food processing industry.

In his new role, Miller is responsible for establishing the Engrain Innovation Lab in Manhattan, Kan., that will serve in a research and development capacity to the McShares, Inc. group of companies, including Engrain, Research Products Company and Viobin USA. Miller will be charged to conduct advanced research in cereal grain protein biochemistry that will advance the quality of products offered in the industry.

“Our global markets are rapidly changing, and our customers are forced to continually evolve in meeting escalating demands of end consumers. Miller takes Engrain to the next level in our ability drill deeper into our core technologies and in giving breadth to the scope of our future pursuits” says Vaughn Studer, CEO of Engrain. In this, Miller and the Engrain lab will continue to work collaboratively with the experts from the Kansas Wheat Commission and Kansas State University.

“Chris is a great addition to our already experienced team, and will bring his knowledge in enzymes and biological sciences to help us create solutions and new products for our customers,” adds Monte White, President and CEO for McShares, Inc.

Prior to joining Engrain, Miller was a faculty member in the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University teaching Milling Science and Management to industry personnel. He joined the University in 2009 and at the same time began working on his Ph.D. in biochemistry. Miller successfully defended his doctoral research on wheat and sorghum protein in the fall of 2013 and plans to continue his research at the Innovation Lab. Miller also plans to continue serving the academic community as an adjunct instructor.

Before Miller joined the university, he held several supervisory roles for Quaker Oats Co. Initially, Miller was an Oats Milling Operations Supervisor at the Cedar Rapids, Iowa facility and then transferred to the Manhattan, Kan. facility as the Operations Resource Supervisor. Miller has also held key positions at other leading companies in the industry, including Cargill.

About Engrain
Engrain, located in Manhattan, Kan., offers the latest advances in grain technology to help customers save money and increase profits. Their business philosophy is based on a sincere value system, in which the highest priority is building long-term relationships with customers. Engrain partners with baking teams to understand raw materials, milling operations, and day-to-day challenges. Engrain’s expertise in wheat, including its baking properties, milling characteristics, and how it is traded around the world, gives customers a competitive edge.