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Farmers Fund Research to Breed Gluten-Free Wheat

In partnership with the Kansas Wheat Commission, Engrain is working to identify the DNA sequences that trigger a physical reaction. In fact, the Kansas Wheat Commission has committed $200,000 for the first two years of the project. The goal is to find out exactly why some people struggle to digest wheat. These findings will aid… Read more »


Engrain to Conduct Research on Celiac-Safe Wheat

Engrain’s Senior Director of Research Innovation and Quality, Chris Miller, Ph.D., is on a mission to lay the groundwork for a celiac-safe wheat. Thus, such an achievement would positively impact the lives of over three million Americans who are currently living with celiac disease. Imagine a world where even those with celiac disease could still… Read more »


Engrain Hires Dr. Chris Miller, Senior Director of Research, Innovation and Quality, to Open Product Laboratory

Engrain, a grain technology developer, has announced the hire of Dr. Chris Miller, Senior Director of Research, Innovation and Quality. Miller brings over ten years of experience in both research and the milling and food processing industry. In his new role, Miller is responsible for establishing the Engrain Innovation Lab in Manhattan, Kan., that will… Read more »


Engrain Hires John Bachman, Commericial Specialist, to Manage Key Accounts in East Africa

Engrain, a global provider of grain technologies, has hired John Bachman as Commercial Specialist to be stationed at its regional office in Nairobi, Kenya. Bachman will be working directly with wheat and corn processing facilities throughout Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Bachman will focus on promoting an understanding of Engrain’s technology throughout the East African region… Read more »


Engrain Visisted IAOM and ALIM in Peru

Engrain dictates technical presentation in Assembly IAOM in Peru and also participated as a sponsor of the annual meeting of ALIM 2013 (Latin American Milling Industry Association). The second week of November 2013 Engrain visited  Lima, Peru, in order to participate in the annual meeting of the IAOM (International Association of Operative Millers), providing a… Read more »

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